Effective Remedies in Stopping Hair Loss in Women

In our society it is considered that the male shed more hair as compare to females. Hair loss is generally accepted in men and a bald man is considered to be distinguished. However it is not the case with females. Hair loss in women can lead to depression and low self-esteem. The problem of hair loss can be dealt by utilizing vital oil medications which are extremely adequate in pushing new hair development. It is critical however to discover the underlying reason for this condition.

There are different reasons for hair loss. Some of them can be iron deficiency, inappropriate diet, extreme weight loss. Medication, stress, birth control, trauma and many other reasons.

For hair loss control you can follow few suggestions which will surly help you. Find them here.



Try to eat lot of Vitamin A in your diet. Vitamin A endorses production of sebum in scalp. There are many foods like carrot, apricots, and squashes etc. which are rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin E is again important for hair as it provide follicles productive and helps in blood circulation. Along with these two Vitamins we also need Vitamin B which produces melaninand provides healthy colour to our hair.

Massage of scalp with essential oils

It is important to massage the scalp as it promotes the blood circulation. And keeps follicles active. For best results, one can use almond oil or bay essential oil and massage the scalp gently for few minutes.

Life style change

It is important to change our life style. This can be done by eating a high protein diet like fish, meat, soya etc. Along with eating habits it is important for ladies not to take stress, as it is one of the biggest root causes for hair loss. Stress leads to unstable lifestyle and disturbed mind. One can practise meditation to reduce stress and have a healthy mind.

Taking care of Hair

. It is important to take care of hair. This can be done by remembering few things like.
. You can include omega 3 fatty acid in your diet. Try to eat more of salads, fresh fruits, juices etc.
. Never to comb your hair when they are wet. This leads to weakening of roots and hence hair fall. Try to use a wide tooth comb to detangle your locks.
. Clean you comb every week or 10 days. This will help in removing the dirt and will take care of your hair fall.
. Try to take regular cuts i.e every 6-8 weeks.
. Wash your hair every 3 days. Make sure you wash your hair gently and use a good conditioner. Controlling the chemicals is a sure short way of stopping hair loss.
. Avoid the use of chemicals. Use of stylish products can also be the reason for your hair loss. Stop using them for a while. Harsh chemicals can damage the roots and easing of them for some time can help you locks regain the strength.
. Do not forget to drink lot of water to flush out the anti-toxicants from your body.
. Quite smoking.
Try these few tips and have beautiful healthy hair.