Hair Loss for Women – Are There Effective Treatment to Overcome This Problem?

It is a fact that women are facing hair loss problem these days. Thus, women who are suffering from hair loss problem are too worried as to how they will be able to get rid of it. There is a scientific name for hair loss problem for women and it is known as alopecia. There are many discrepancies related to alopecia. For example, alopecia areata and alopecia barbae, are not the same. However, they originate from same family. Alopecia areata is actually hereditary in nature and as such, amongst five people, one person will have alopecia areata if someone in the family has already.

The beauty of a woman lies in her beautiful hair and skin. So, she just cannot afford to lose hair in such a way. Read on to know some effective treatment for women that will reduce hair loss problem.



Allopathic treatment

The women can use the supplement of estrogen hormone in order to fight against hair fall treatment. This will help them to develop the confidence of new hair growth. This type of hair loss treatment is most suitable for the women who have already passed menopause as the estrogen level is quite low. The injection of estrogen or oral intake may help to increase the level and thus, stimulate growth of hair again.

Another suggestion is using Minoxidil (Rogaine). It is an FDA approved medicine. It is very effective in nature and as such, has gained a lot of popularity. However, the females should not take high dosage of this medicine since this may lead to over-growth of their hair.
Sometimes, it may happen that ugly hair appears in the areas which may lead to embarrassment. Some examples are underneath arm pit, above lip area and around groin area.

Homeopathic treatment

This treatment is organic by nature and is effective for hair loss problem in women. The women need to use herbs which have the natural extract for hair loss treatment. The benefits for using them is they are less risky in comparison to synthetic medicines and do not have negative effect. Homeopathic treatment is done by talking the pills or oral supplements.

Saw Palmetto is believed to be a popular herbal treatment for women. Other than re-growth of hair, it improves menstruation, sexual health, breast development and enhances lactation.

The natural herbs such as Rosemary and Sage when prepared properly can be applied on the affected hair parts in the form of shampoo. The women can also do some kind of home remedy such as massaging the scalp properly with some oil. These will be providing the essential nutrients to the roots of hair and help the hair follicles for further growth.

There are various hair loss treatment for female. As such, it is important for you to conduct your own research and seek advice from the health experts before applying something on your hair. With proper prescription and follow-ups, your hair loss problem will be solved easily.



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