How to Decide If Laser Therapy for Hair Loss Is Good For You?

Hair removal is for those with excess hair, and they have many methods to go about it. But some think that by laser treatment they have a sure shot at it. What they do not tend to realise is that it may not be very suitable for them. If you are tired of the excess hair on your body and are trying every possible like waxing, shaving and what not in order to get rid of them then here is something that would have possibly caught your imagination. Laser therapy sure sounds like a good deal doesn’t it? But how good is laser therapy for hair loss? Does it have any harmful implications? Can you safely say that by using this method you are going to be free of al hair and also devoid of any harm?
The Working of Laser Therapy
The laser device is hand held and this sends out pulsed light on to your skin so as to seek out the dark pigment of hair and also impair hair follicle. You will find out that all hat unwanted hair from your body would begin to fall out within the next ten to fourteen days after you have done the treatment.

Your hair grows in different stages and they are growing, resting and then finally shedding. Now because all the hair is not really on the same stage at any given time you would actually require multiple treatments in order to get your hair in the growth phase. This would ensure that the laser treatment is most effective.

The Pros of Laser Therapy

Can make a Difference – The truth is that hair reduction with the help of laser therapy can actually make a lot of difference to you. You might not actually get a very smooth and silky hair but you will see that you hair is less noticeable. Your hair count can actually reduce 40 to 80 percent.

No Need for Treatments – The type of laser treatment would determine whether you should continually shave, which would include the day of treatment or you may only require shaving a few days worth of hair.  

Not Time Consuming –
Large areas of hair can be treated at once and does not require much time. This is opposed to electrolysis which actually requires each follicle to be treated individually.

The Cons of Laser Therapy

Scarring, Blisters and Burns – This isn’t very common as there are still possible side effects especially from someone who is inexperienced.

Expensive – Laser therapies aren’t very cheap, and so people need to think twice before going for one.

Multiple Treatments – Laser treatment is not some beam of light that will hot your skin once and you will be free of body hair. There are treatments required for it, usually four to six of them that are spaced out about a month apart. This is done in order to get the best results.

Not for Everybody –
Now laser is something which targets darkness and therefore people with dark hair and light skin are found to be better suited for such a treatment.

There is some level of discomfort depending on the types of laser that is used and also a person’s hair type. So do measure all the pros and cons before going for one such treatment.

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